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September 3, 2013
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I always thought that I had a great life… well, at least after I was finally accepted by my village. I had friends that cared about me, I had people I looked up to and who had respected me for my ninja way to never give up. Though now I face the biggest challenge that I never thought I would face. I always thought that I would always love the same person, even if she never fell in love with me though… as it turns out… I never really loved her at all and now… I fear I will lose the person that means more to me than anything…

It was a beautiful night in Konoha, everyone celebrating the end of the Akatsuki. No one was really sure how to celebrate this win for the village though it was agreed that they would all go to a karaoke restaurant and just enjoy themselves with whatever they could afford. Naruto of course was a little bored since he had struck out again with Sakura.

The blonde haired shinobi didn’t know if he could ever win Sakura’s heart. Maybe this was the only time he could break his ninja oath since it was mostly centered around battles… Sighing softly, the sad blue eyed teen looked up at the waitress as he asked if he could have some rice with bean buns. Not really in the mood for ramen for a change. Plus, Ichiraku was closed tonight due to the celebration, so he figured that he’d give the old man a break for the time being.

Not to mention, his stomach was a bit in knots.

Looking up, he just watched as a lot of couples went up and started to sing along to popular songs on some new device called a Karaoke Machine. Konoha had been asked to test it out and ever since then, it was a big hit.

Slamming his head on the table, Naruto groaned softly. He didn’t know if he could really enjoy this night, it almost seemed pointless to even enjoy this night. Even Shikamaru was off enjoying himself and he normally found parties to be troublesome. Though he didn’t mind it all that much, and sighed softly as he just tried to get himself to relax and calm down yet it didn’t seem to be helping him at all.

Lifting his head up, the orange clad shinobi thought that he heard some girl’s laughing and talking among themselves. He figured that if the Pervy Sage was here, then he’d end up going over to those girls and talk, or he should say, flirt his way to them going to his hotel room. Thinking about Jiriya made Naruto smile… No matter how much time passes, Naruto thought, no he knew that he would always miss him.
After all, he had been more than a teacher, but a father to him. Taking a deep breath, the young man leaned back in his seat a bit, just trying to think to himself while he waited for his food to arrive. Maybe if he tried to think on which girl he may like next it would get his mind off of it… Hm… now that he thought about it… did he only like Sakura because she seemed special to him or was it something else?

Crossing his arms and closing his eyes, Naruto tried to think of reasons as to why he would have fallen in love with Sakura though he couldn’t think of anything. All he could remember was a little girl that he used to play with when he was younger… She had soft eyes; her eyes were kind, shy, gentle… It was something that he liked about her though he couldn’t think of who it was.

All he could remember was that one day… she didn’t come to the park like they had promised… He figured that she had moved away and… he guess that after time he had forgotten about her and his mind had thought that he had always loved Sakura because she seemed shy, just like the first girl…

Frowning, Naruto couldn’t believe it… he had loved someone else without even knowing it. How could he have been so stupid?! Opening his eyes, Naruto grabbed at his head as he cursed to himself. He had loved someone else and… he forgot about her so easily. Covering his blue eyes, Naruto bit his lip in anger… why? Why did he forget about her? Had he been upset that he never saw her again or… was it just too painful for him to believe that someone might have cared about him at that point in his life only for her to disappear?

Lifting his head, Naruto turned around and blinked as he saw someone he knew walking up onto the stage. He couldn’t really tell who it was since his vision was a little blurred from all of these bright lights though what he could make out was blue hair and lavender coloured eyes.

Frowning a bit, Naruto turned around in his seat a bit so he could better face the stage and stared at the person that was standing up on the stage. Her hands were held in front of her, as if she was nervous and scared. Her posture told him that she was thinking about getting off the stage, but had found that it was a little too late because of everyone staring up at her. Naruto couldn’t help but smile up at the woman that was on stage as he sipped his drink.

It made him wonder though who it could have been… Naruto just kept on staring at her for a moment, now that he thought about it… was there only one woman in the whole village that he knew that has blue hair and lavender coloured eyes? Blinking for a moment, Naruto just stared at her as he saw that she was wearing a lavender and cream coloured zip up jacket with the lavender adorning from her neckline and down to the waist, with strips of lavender on the end of the sleeves while the sleeves themselves were cream colour. Next, he noticed her navy blue pants that ended on her calves and black low heeled sandals.

That was when it all struck Naruto as he spat out his drink and started to couch and pound against his chest. ‘Hinata?!’ thought Naruto in shock as he looked up at the blue haired heiress. There was no way that could be Hinata and yet, his eyes weren’t deceiving him at all. The lights shined on Hinata’s fair skin, her cheeks were dusted in a soft pink as he stared at her, even though she seemed nervous… Naruto could tell that this was something that she felt like she had to do…

Soon, music started to play, causing Naruto to look around in confusion. What was going on? What song was she going to play? It had him a bit curious though he couldn’t help but stare at her as she looked over at the crowd as everyone seemed to stare at her. Frowning, Naruto looked over to the waitress and told him that he was going to move to a different table, and if she could bring his meal to the table that he would move to. She of course nodded and went to change the table to bring his food to.

After that was done, Naruto started to make his way to a table that would be closer to Hinata… He wanted to get as close as he could. He wanted to know how she would sing…

(I just can't help falling in love with you)

The song was a little upbeat, though he couldn’t help but wonder why Hinata was singing this king of song after the attack from Pein. Or, was there more to this song than meets the eye, he couldn’t really be sure since he lost most of his memory of the attack after he was pinned down… Just thinking about it had caused his head to hurt, as if his mind was trying to prevent himself from remembering, that it was best to never remember.

Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you
Shall I say would it be a sin (Be a sin)
If I can't help falling in love with you
Like a river flows (Oooh)
To the sea (Oooh)
So it goes
Some things are meant to be
Some things are meant to be

Hinata’s eyes seemed a little calmer, her eyes shined with kindness, a gentle soul lied beyond her lavender pools though the longer he stared at her, the more he thought he knew Hinata from another time in his life. Though he just couldn’t think of where or when that would have been. Sure, he’s known Hinata since they started to attend the Ninja Academy though there had to be more to that right?

Take my hand (take my hand)
Take my whole life too (life too)
For I can't help falling in love with you

Hinata closed her eyes, did she see him? Better yet, did she even notice that he was sitting in the crowd watching her? Or, was she just trying to keep herself from passing out like she normally did? Now that he thought about it, Hinata did have a weird habit of turning cherry red and passing out while he was around though maybe she had some kind of health problem that just caused her to pass out at random. After all, he’s never seen her pass out while on missions.

Wise men say only fools rush in
But I, I can't, I can't help falling in love (falling in love)
With you (with you)

Taking a deep breath, Naruto just leaned back in his seat as he took a bite of his bean bun when it arrived. He had to admit, Hinata did have an amazing voice. To the orange clad ninja, it was the voice of angels. Though it also made him wonder why she never sang before? Hell, he could come up with a nickname for her right now… The Singing Blue Haired Princess. He chuckled at his own attempt at coming up with a nickname for her.

Like a river flows (Oooh)
To the sea (Oooh)
So it goes
Some things are meant to be
Some things are meant to be

Hinata opened her eyes as she stared at the crowd once more. Her eyes seemed a little sad, was something bothering her or was it something else? As he stared at her, Naruto couldn’t help but notice that his heart was beating a little faster. Was he ill?

Take my hand (take my hand)
Take my whole life too (life too)
For I can't help falling in love with you

Blinking, Naruto just stared at Hinata, her eyes were soft, they started to look around the room, he could see her lavender orbs looking from side to side, as if she were looking for someone. If that was the case, who was she looking for anyway? Not to mention, why did he feel upset that she was looking for someone anyway? Why did his heart ache at the thought of her wanting to be with anyone else? No, he… he couldn’t be could he?

Take my hand (take my hand)
Take my whole life too (life too)
For I can't help falling in love with you

Maybe he was just over thinking everything… maybe his body just wasn’t used to him over thinking on all of this that was happening around him. Running a hand through his blonde locks, Naruto took a deep breath as he just stared at the blue haired woman, her eyes closed once more, she seemed so disappointed. Men in the crowd cheered for Hinata, a few asking her to be their girlfriend though of course that only pissed Naruto off.

For I can't help falling in love with you

Oh how he wanted to beat the living day lights out of anyone that would even try to get Hinata. Wait, why did feel like this? Shaking his head, Naruto tried to ignore it, though Kyuubi’s voice echoed through his mind. ”You gotta protect your mate brat. These low humans do not deserve a fine woman such as her. She is meant to be yours and yours alone.” growled out Kyuubi, causing Naruto to roll his eyes. If he was going to have anyone, it would be his choice and his alone but… could he be right?

Like a river flows
That's the way it goes
I just can't help fallin' in love with you
(Fallin' in love with you)
Like a river flows (yea yea)
That's the way it goes (cause I can't)
Fallin' in love with you
Like a river flows (I just can't help myself)
That's the way it goes
I can't help falling in love with you
(I can't help falling in love with you)

Naruto looked up at Hinata, her eyes so sad… it made him want to reach out for Hinata and hold her in his arms forever. Wanting to keep her safe for all eternity though… he couldn’t bring himself to do that. Feeling like if he went to hold her, that she would slap him across the face and say that he was being stupid for thinking that she would love him. Though… maybe he was being stupid, he would love him anyway?

Fallin' in love with you

Naruto just sat there as he watched Hinata walk off the stage and started to leave out through the back of the restaurant. No, he couldn’t let her leave yet… he wanted to talk to her, even if it was just a moment. Maybe… maybe he could ask her how she feels about him… He had to know… With that plan in his head, Naruto pushed himself up onto his feet, grabbed his orange and black jacket before he started to walk out of the restaurant, he wanted to see Hinata… he wanted to talk to her.

If he was lucky, he would have a nice chat with Hinata, maybe Hinata would feel the same for him just as much as he felt like he felt for her… Though, that was also if he did feel the same, since he only felt like he had feelings for her since he only saw her from a distance. If he was closer, maybe he would figure out how he really felt about her. Taking a deep breath hoping to calm down his fried nerves, Naruto rushed out of the restaurant, looking around hoping that he could see the blue haired woman.

Frowning, Naruto tilted his head as he thought that he had seen Hinata walking out this way. Crossing his arms over his chest, Naruto started to walk down the street, hoping that he would be able to find her… Sighing softly, the blonde teen thought that maybe he lost track of Hinata, maybe he should just head on home and forget about this whole thing…

“Naruto?” said a voice, causing Naruto to turn around and stare in shock at who was standing next to him. It was Hinata! How did she just appear like that?! Man, she must have been an amazing ninja to do something like that and for him to not notice… hell, she may be better than Kakashi!

“Uh… hi Hinata… um…” Naruto just stared at her, not sure if he could say it. His heart was beating so quickly, his hands felt sweaty and his skin felt so hot. Hell, his face was even bright red; he didn’t know what was going on though all he knew was that this was really starting to get to him. He had to figure this out… he had to say something! Anything! “You… you sang really well tonight Hinata…” Damn it! Why couldn’t he have asked if she liked anyone?!

“Thank you Naruto… um…” Hinata bit her lower lip, as if she was nervous about something. It looked like she wanted to say something, though couldn’t bring herself to. Was she having trouble asking him something too or was it just how she’s always been? “I… I sang that about someone…” Damn it, she sang it about a guy he just knew it! Why? Why couldn’t he be that lucky guy?!

“I… I bet he loves you very much Hinata.” Naruto said with a smile, wanting to be happy for the blue haired woman. Though really, his heart felt like it was breaking. For some reason, it hurt him a lot more than it should have… or at least more than he thought it should have. Why did this have to hurt so much? It felt like someone was wrapping their hand around his heart and crushing it in an icy grip wanting, hoping that his heart would just hurry up and shatter.

“He doesn’t know of my feelings…” whispered Hinata.

Wait, he doesn’t know about Hinata’s feelings at all? That son of a bitch! He was going to find some way to get that guy… wait… if he didn’t know then that would be his chance to get Hinata to like him and… no… no he wasn’t that selfish. He couldn’t be that selfish. Naruto knew that if Hinata loved someone, that he couldn’t force her to love him. That was just not how he was, and knew that he couldn’t force someone to love someone else no matter how much he wanted that to happen. After all, it never worked with Sakura and that was when he thought he loved her.

Running a hand through his hair, Naruto calmly said “well… I hope he sees that you love him soon Hinata. You are… an amazing woman.” He mumbled the last part, his face turning a little pink at what he had said to her. As he was about to walk away, Naruto heard a scream, turning around he saw something in the darkness. Shadows, to him it almost looked like chakra; Naruto screamed and tried to reach out for Hinata as it grabbed her.

“Hinata!” shouted Naruto as he tried to grab the blue haired woman.

“Naruto!” shouted Hinata before she disappeared…

“I failed her once, I won’t do it again.” Naruto said, breathing heavily. He had been searching for Hinata ever since she had been taken. It had taken him a couple of years but he had finally tracked Hinata down. Running a hand through his long bangs, Naruto knew that he had changed quite a bit over the years but damn it… he didn’t give a damn.

Narrowing his eyes, Naruto pushed himself to go through this cave. This was his last chance to find Hinata; if he couldn’t save her, then what kind of future Hokage would that make him? A poor one that’s what.

Inhaling deeply, Naruto carefully walked through the cave, trying to make sure that nothing happened that would cause his last trace of Hinata to just suddenly disappear. Narrowing his blue eyes, Naruto walked on through. Over the years, his body had gained a little more bulk, his bangs hung in his eyes a little bit though the change was mostly the hair that he pulled back in a ponytail. Unlike the rest of his hair, it wasn’t spiky, more along the lines of slick and smooth.

His clothes of course were still orange coloured. He had on a jump suit where the pants were black while the top was orange with black strips on the sides of both the sleeves and his chest.

Looking around, the young man wondered why there wasn’t anyone else in this room… did they try to leave or had they already left? No, that couldn’t be it… he could still sense the weird chakra that was in this room. There had to be something else that he wasn’t aware of yet but he wasn’t sure what it could be. Ugh, why did this have to be so confusing?

Shaking his head, Naruto knew that now wasn’t the time for his stupid thoughts but the time for action. Closing his eyes for a moment, Naruto tried to get himself to relax, he made sure that he was going to be in full control over everything that was going to happen, though that may end up being harder for him than it seems since after all; no one could control the fate of a battle.

Opening his narrowed blue orbs, the young man looked around the cave, the inside was covered in moss, and what seemed like weird crystal’s that gave the cave some kind of light that shined from the entrance of the cave creating some kind of weird but beautiful lighting in this dark and damp place. He had to admit, if it wasn’t for the fact that this place was just a cave that was hidden in the Land of Fire.

’I wonder what Hinata is doing in a place like this…’ thought Naruto with a hint of confusion before he started to move on ahead. If she was here, which he was still hoping that she was… why would she have not fought back? Wouldn’t she want to come back to Konoha and be with her family and friends and get with that guy that she loved? Clutching his chest, Naruto felt that pain again… something he always felt when he thought of Hinata being with someone else…

No matter how much time had gone by, the pain didn’t lessen, in fact it only increased. Naruto closed his eyes as he tried to get the pain to disappear, even for a moment. He just had to keep reminding himself that he had found Hinata’s location and this time he was going to bring her on home.

Opening his eyes, Naruto hid behind a bolder for a brief moment when he heard a voice. In a way, it sounded like Hinata but there was something off about it. Her voice didn’t sound sweet, loving, caring… gentle. Instead it sounded dark, bitter, angry… why though? Poking his head out a bit to get a good look, Naruto saw someone standing in the shadows, the only thing he could make out was a weird black light that he knew for a fact was chakra.

Squinting his eyes, Naruto tried to think on whom that could be… sure, it sounded like Hinata but there was no way that it could be her right? Hinata could never sound like that right? She was just too pure and kind for that…

Taking a deep breath, Naruto pulled out a kunai and knew that he would have to bring this person out of the shadows even if it means to give up his cover but it had to be done now didn’t it? Looking around for a good target, Naruto smirked a bit as he threw the kunai toward the wall furthest from him and tossed it with all of his strength.

The sound of the kunai hitting stone echoed through the cave, the figure let out a sound that he knew was a mixture of a growl though it was a very human sounding one. It made Naruto wonder just who this person was… Now, was the moment of truth… this was the moment he had been waiting for to figure out who the hell took Hinata away from him and the village years ago and then, when the moment was right he would take his revenge and figure out what they did to Hinata.

Just thinking about it made him smile and want to savour the victory though now wasn’t the time to gloat… at least not this early. His hands twitched in anticipation as he waited for the figure to move further from the shadows though he was surprised at what he saw…

Coming out of the shadows was a woman alright… a woman with long blue hair that almost reached the floor. Her fair skin still as smooth looking as it did before she was taken… what made him positive of who she was… was her eyes. Still lavender but it was the way they looked was what had him scared. Her eyes were no longer king and the whites of her eyes that sounded her lavender irises was black as the night, and the same black that surrounded her body…

“Hinata…” whispered Naruto in shock before he came out of his hiding place behind the rocks. There was no way that this could be her but… Shaking his head, Naruto rushed forward as he called out Hinata’s name. The woman turned and stared at him, only for her eyes to narrow into slits. Lifting her hand, she whipped it sideways as a strong gust of wind slammed into Naruto sending him flying across the room.

Though, as he was still in the air, a weird hand made of that black chakra grabbed him and pulled him close to Hinata’s body. Gritting his teeth for a moment, Hinata stared at Naruto as she said “who are you? What do you want?” As soon as she had said those words, Naruto felt like his heart was breaking again. She… no, this wasn’t Hinata. This was something using her form to mess with him.

“Give me back Hinata!” shouted Naruto.

The Hinata-imposter smirked and laughed, tightening her hold on Naruto for a moment. The blonde shinobi winced in pain though he tried to get himself to break free. He didn’t have a problem with kicking someone’s ass if they looked like Hinata. After he kicked this person’s ass, he would force them to tell him where Hinata was and then, he was going to take back Hinata and bring her home!

“You fool… Hinata is here… I took control over her body.” Said the fake Hinata…

His eyes widened in shock… no… no! Growling, Naruto struggled again as he said “no! You’re lying! Hinata is a strong willed shinobi; there is no way that she would have allowed you to control her!” He kept on trying to break free. There was no way, no fucking way that Hinata would have allowed this to have happened! ’This bitch is lying!’ Naruto screamed in his thoughts as he kept on trying to break free of this monsters grasp.

“Oh, but I did take control over her body…”

“If you did… why Hinata!? Tell me you bitch!”

The monster laughed before slamming Naruto’s body into the stone walls. Causing him to groan and moan in pain. He looked up at Hinata for a moment, his vision blurred from pain though soon his eyes darkened when he was once again slammed into the wall before he was brought back to face the evil spirit that controlled Hinata. “I can only possess people based on two conditions. One, the person has to be a pure maiden…; second… the maiden has to be weakened by a heavy emotion. Your ‘Hinata’ was sad, heartbroken because the man she loved never knew of how she felt and she was just easy pickings.”

Eyes widening, Naruto stared at this person for a moment… Hinata was heartbroken? That fucker! Why couldn’t he have known how she felt all this time?! Narrowing his eyes, Naruto kicked and thrashed about as he tried to get himself freed. Though the dark spirit had other plans before slamming him into the walls once again. Even going as far as throwing the blonde shinobi into the walls and picking him up again and tossing him once again.

Sure, he wanted to fight back but could he really? Knowing… knowing that this spirit is possessing Hinata’s body? He couldn’t do that. The thought of hurting Hinata was the last thing he would ever want from her.

Finally, the beast threw Naruto into the wall and then, when he thought that would be the last thing he’d feel, pain wise, he was far mistaken. For while he was still against the wall, the black chakra changed its shape and sharpened into a blade and stabbed him, pinning him to the wall for a brief moment before he fell over once it let go.

Naruto’s eyes were wide with pain only to tightly shut as he lied on the ground. His body shaking in pain, knowing fully well that he couldn’t fight back. Gasping and moaning in pain, the young man tried to push himself up but damn it, his body was screaming at him to stay down. Could he just stay there and do nothing while this monster kept on controlling Hinata’s body? Shaking his head, Naruto knew that he had to get up… he had to at least… tell her how he feels before he was killed…

Coughing up a bit of blood, Naruto pushed himself up and started to stand on his shaky feet. Placing a hand on the gaping hole in his chest, Naruto was thankful that it missed his heart and lungs but it didn’t stop the pain from causing his sight from fading in and out on him. Taking small steps toward Hinata, Naruto looked up at her, wanting to see her… wanting to be with her in his last moments.

“You’re a glutton for punishment aren’t you?” said the dark spirit as she went to thrust another spear of chakra at Naruto, intending to kill him this time.

“Hinata… I’m sorry.”

The spear stopped inches from Naruto’s face, the young man walked around it as he started to walk forward more. Coughing once again, Naruto whispered “I… the night you were taken… I wanted to say something… that had been on my mind that night. I may not have understood it at the time but… as I looked at you I began to remember something…”

He didn’t get an answer, and he didn’t care. All he cared about was to get this off his chest before he lost too much blood. “I remember when we were kids… I was friends with a king little girl… I never saw her again and that made me sad… I realised that she was my first love and I still loved her even growing up but… because of that love, I began to feel so much heart ache that… I began to forget about her.” He wheezed a bit, damn it, it was already getting harder for him to keep talking. “I know it took me a long time but… I remembered… I remembered that night after you disappeared that it was you…” He lifted his head, tears spilling from his eyes as he stared at Hinata’s body.

The body of Hinata just tilted her head to the side, as if trying to understand what he was saying. Naruto knew that if this was the last thing he was going to see, he might as well do and say something that would come from his heart…

Looking up, Naruto smiled gently at Hinata as he whispered “Hinata… this may be the last thing I say and do but I’m happy that it’s toward you.” He just grinned for a moment before he pulled Hinata close, the dark spirit tried to pull herself away from him but his grip was still strong for a man that was losing blood. “I love you Hinata…” whispered Naruto before he kissed her. He didn’t care if this was his last memory, nor did he really mind it all that much.

He held Hinata for as long as he could before his grip started to loosen on him. His mind starting to fade into the shadows…

Naruto felt himself falling down onto the ground, someone screaming his name, at first he thought that it was Hinata but thought that couldn’t be possible… The young man had a soft smile on his face when he confessed his feelings for Hinata and kissed her… even if… she wasn’t aware of it…

After that, everything went dark…


Groaning, Naruto slowly started to open his eyes. What the…? He frowned a bit, not really sure what was going on though he knew where he was… ’The hospital? How did I get here?’ thought the young man before he pushed himself up onto his feet and rubbed his forehead only to wince in pain. His body was screaming at him again though he didn’t know why.


Eyes widening, Naruto turned his head and stared into Hinata’s lavender coloured eyes. Her eyes were sad, filled with concern… this was the Hinata that he knew and loved. But how was she here? At first, he thought that the whole thing was a dream but if that was the case, he wouldn’t be in this much pain and not to mention that Hinata wouldn’t look like she did now and would have looked like a teenager again. Though nope, she was an adult now and he knew that much.

“Hinata…” he whispered softly, he wanted to push himself back up but his body was sore and screamed in pain at the slightest movement. Tiredly looking up at Hinata, he asked “what happened?” He wanted to know what had happened after he blacked out… and, of course how she had broken free of that weird dark spirit.

“After you… confessed and kissed me… I was able to break free. The spirit lost its hold on me and disappeared…” She said with a soft smile before moving herself a little closer to his bed. Naruto smiled a bit, happy that Hinata had been able to break free but… how did she break free from his confession?

“What about the guy you love?”

Hinata blushed a little only to smile gently at Naruto. Okay, now he was really confused… wouldn’t she want to go to that guy that she loved so much or what? Sure, it would break his heart but still he wanted Hinata to be happy with whoever her heart belonged to even if that bastards name was-

“He’s you Naruto.”

Naruto and- wait what? Did she just say that he was the guy that she was in love with? Blinking in confusion, Naruto looked up and stared at Hinata for a moment, as if wanting to think that he had heard her wrong but… nope. Her smile was bright; her eyes sparkled with love as she stared at him. He found it amazing that she would stare at him like that but that was something that he couldn’t help but smile…

“So, the whole time you were in love with me huh?” Naruto said with a soft and gentle smile.

Hinata nodded before she leaned forward, running her fingers through his hair. Oh how Naruto wished that he could run his fingers through her silky blue hair but sadly, with the amount of pain that he was in he couldn’t even lift his fingers which really did suck. Inhaling softly, Naruto tried to move himself at least a little bit anyway, no matter the pain that his body was in.

Hinata leaned a little close to Naruto, he could feel the heat her body gave and at that moment was when he realised just how cold he really was. He must have been close to death after he confessed… “What happened after…” He whispered softly.

“I was able to close your wound and brought you to the hospital… you were almost dead by the time I brought you here…” she whispered softly before she cupped Naruto’s cheek in her hand. Naruto blushed a little before he looked up at the blue haired woman and smiled gently at her… After that, he ignored his pain and grabbed Hinata’s shirt and pulled her close so he could kiss her.

Feeling her lips against his was something he never thought would be this amazing. Sure, he knew it would be great but this was better than he dreamed it would be. Pulling back, he whispered “I love you Hinata…”

“I love you too Naruto…” whispered Hinata before she started to kiss Naruto again…

The End
here it is, took me all evening to get this done and I was so into this that I forgot to call the Job Center haha, anyway hope you like it. And yes, I had Naruto forget about Hinata's confession for this oneshot to make it work

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fire-inu-princess Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
thank ya
angeluchiha7 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Student Artist
your welcome
magicofantasy Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013
awesome  just  awesome
fire-inu-princess Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
glad you like it
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