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June 2, 2012
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Naruto stared at the princess with wide blue eyes. This was the craziest thing that he's ever seen… well besides being turned into a fox… Wait, if she was the princess of Hyrule, then where were they? "Where are we Princess Sakura?" demanded Naruto with a growl, there was no way that he was going to let this go, he had to know what was going on.

"We are in Hyrule Castle, though it is covered in a blanket of Twilight."

"Blanket of… Twilight?"

Now, Naruto was confused, why would they still be in the land of Hyrule if… if they were in a different world? That didn't make any kind of sense to him in the least. Shaking his head, Naruto was about to ask what this girl was talking about until she had lifted her hand to silence him. "To answer your obvious question, we were under attack. Beings from the Twilight Realm are after the world of light. Our world… the evil king who goes by the name of Pein…"

Naruto stared at Sakura with wide eyes… a king named Pein huh…? Though, when he looked over at Hinata, he thought that he saw her flinch… but why would she flinch from that? Shaking his head, the fox-man turned and stared at Sakura as he waited for her to keep going…

"He took down men left and right. We were in a losing battle. There was only one option…"

Naruto's eyes widen, there was no way that they could have just… could they have just done what he was thinking. Sakura closed her eyes as she whispered "we surrendered. I couldn't bear the thought of others just dying to battle a losing battle. The result, as you can see is Hyrule being covered in Twilight. You, me and Hinata are the only ones unaffected by this. I, and protected by the Triforce of wisdom… you, are protected by the Triforce of Courage."

Naruto sighed and lied down on the floor, trying to think on what he could do… Nothing came to mind, what would he be able to do at this point? Wait a minute… Sakura only said why she and he were protected. "What protects Hinata?"

"She is of the Tribe of Twilight, and therefore, is able to withstand the power of Twilight's influence."

Naruto stared at Hinata for a moment, and saw that she was twirling a lock of her hair in her fingers as if the whole thing was just as nerving on her as it was on himself. Hm… Hinata did kinda look like she was hiding something but for the time being, he wasn't going to pester her with questions. Shaking his head, he looked up at Sakura as he asked "what can we do to save this world?"

"There is nothing you can do… unless you can lift the curtains of Twilight that covers our land. You would have to speak to the Spring Spirits." Sakura calmly explained as she sat down on the window seat where she had once been standing by.

Naruto frowned in confusion; he had to think of what he could do… There was no way that he was going to just let this place suffer, but… he knew that maybe speaking to the Spring Spirits would help him… But where would they be?

"Where are these Spring Spirits?" asked Naruto as he stared at Sakura with a serious expression. Or, at least as serious as he could do with his face… being well a fox face.

Sakura smiled a bit as she said "there is one in the Village of Konoha, one in the Village of Suna, and finally Uzushiogakure. The springs will need to be purified, how though I cannot say. But their spirits should still be there and therefore, will be able to tell you how to save the villages and towns from the curtain of Twilight."

Sighing softly, Naruto had a feeling that it was going to be more trouble than it was going to be worth. But, it was the only thing he could do, and possibly give him a lead on how to save his mother and those kids. Nothing else mattered to him at the moment. Taking a deep breath, Naruto pushed himself up to his paws and stared at Hinata only for him to stare at Sakura as he asked "is there anything else I should know?"

"His minions are out there… and they will try to stop you. But, the only other thing you should know is that you also need to go to the Temples that reside in the areas of the springs…" Sakura calmly said before pulling her hood over her head once more. Naruto frowned, temples… temples… oh! He remembered now, his father always told him to stay away from the Konoha Temple cause of all the monsters that were trapped and sealed away in there by the creator of Konoha. It was by the first leader… who had created the temple to help keep the darkness out of the village once and for all.

But was it true though? He hadn't been sure but there was no other way to be sure. All he knew was that he had to go there and find clues on how to defeat the leader. There had to be something in the temples that could give him a clue as to how to defeat this Pein guy…

"I'll do it so long as I can return the lands to the way they once were." Naruto calmly said before pushing himself to his paws and staring at Sakura with determination once more. Which only caused her to smile and nod to Naruto and Hinata, Naruto smirked a little more before walking toward the door… stretching one of his tails over, he lifted Hinata and placed her on his back and started to walk out of the room and down the stairs.

Least he knew what he had to do.

But it sounded harder than it sounded… Closing his eyes for a moment, Naruto thought 'well, no one ever said that adventures or saving the world was easy. Sides, I still have to find mom and the kids. And explain things to dad before it's too late. There's no telling what this curtain of Twilight could do to people who don't have the Triforce like me and Sakura do.'

Sighing, Naruto lifted his paw and placed it on his muzzle as if he was trying to rub his face in frustration. Though, he kept it to himself for the time being. He had so many other things to focus on for the time being.

"Do you hear that Naruto?" asked Hinata, her voice had snapped Naruto out of his trance which had caused Naruto to look up and blink in confusion. Listening closely, he could faintly hear the click of someone's shoes walking up the stairs. But, how? He had thought that no one else was in here… Shaking his head, Naruto suddenly felt her tiny hands wrapped around Naruto's neck.

Blinking in confusion, Naruto turned around as he asked "what are you doing?" Before he knew it, a strange portal opened above Naruto, it was black square, though at the edges, it almost looked like that it was made from tiny blocks. Looking up, Naruto could faintly see his reflection in the portal, least… he was sure it was a portal… in the swirling blue circle, he could make out that his body was breaking down in black squares as it started to float into the portal.

Naruto was panicking, not sure what was going on. He tried to run away from the portal but his body couldn't move from the stairs that he was still standing on. Looking over his shoulder, he could faintly make out a strange orange light around Hinata as it had started to surround him. Naruto tried to speak, only to feel like his jaw was no longer there. 'What the fuck is going on!?'

Soon, Naruto found that his body had disappeared into the black portal… he didn't know though, if this was going to kill him or what… he honestly didn't know what was going on at the moment, nor did he know what Hinata really was trying to plan.


Blinking slowly, Naruto looked around and groaned. His body was a little shaky though… he wasn't sure if that was because his body had just been torn apart yet, he didn't smell any blood and he didn't feel any wounds on him. So… what had happened?

Shaking his head, Naruto pushed himself shakily on his legs as he took a deep breath and looked around for Hinata… where could she have gone anyway? Suddenly, he felt something fall on his back causing him to both yelp out in shock, and fall over once again. "Ugh… what hit me?" moaned out Naruto as he tried to get his energy back before pushing himself back up onto his feet and looked over and saw Hinata sitting on him.

"You okay Naruto? You were really out of it when we landed…" Hinata said in a shy yet concerned voice.

Naruto nodded as he said "I'm fine but… what the hell just happened?"

"That's how beings of Twilight get around sometimes if they need too."

Naruto's left eye was twitching… "Why didn't you do that before?" he asked, trying to keep his irritation out of his voice. Though, a small bit of irritation had made it to his voice which had caused Hinata to flinch a bit while she sat on his back. He could easily feel the movement; it was as if all of his other senses have increased from being transformed into a fox.

"It is very draining for someone my size… I can only do it once a day and that is only for extreme emergencies… and that was one…" Hinata whispered softly as she laid her head on Naruto's soft fur. Frowning, Naruto couldn't help but give a soft stare at Hinata as she had slowly drifted in and out of sleep... teleporting must have really worn her out. Gently wrapping his tails around her, Naruto started to wonder around.

"I'm… home?" He whispered softly, which only made him frown all the more. How could he be home in the first place? That didn't make sense to him but at the moment he didn't care. He had to think of what to do… if he remembered right; he had been told to go to the Sprit Spring, and to speak to the spirit there. That could work, and maybe he would get the answers that he needed… Taking a deep breath he started to walk on toward the spring, thankfully he wasn't that far from the spring in the first place.

As he walked, Naruto couldn't help but notice that he wasn't tripping over his paws as much now… maybe he had gotten used to his new body. Which, to him was a little strange but at the moment, this body was what he needed to survive in this world.

As soon as he had arrived to the spring, Naruto saw that the water was dark, almost black with swirls of orange. It was a sure sign that the spring had lost its magic and power. To Naruto, he couldn't help but feel sad about this place; this was where his dad proposed to his mom… this is where his parents got married, and where his mother had given birth to him… To him, this spring meant a lot to himself and his parents. To see a place that held so many memories look like this… it almost broke Naruto's heart.

Moving his paws, Naruto walked into the water for he could see a small glowing orb floating above the mini waterfall that was pouring the water from an unknown source. It was something even Naruto didn't fully understand about this spring, about where the water came from.

"You… who bares the form of a blue eyed beast…"

Naruto blinked in confusion, wondering where that voice was coming from, though when he looked up at the orb of glowing light, he tilted his head to the side as he looked up at the glowing orb saying "are… are you the spirit of the spring?"

"I… am…"

"I need your help… Please, how to I lift the veil of twilight?" asked Naruto, he could faintly feel Hinata shift a bit on his back. Frowning, he shifted his tails a little bit to help make the small girl a little more comfortable.

"Must… have power… Beast stole… sacred treasure… must… get back. Once… I have been… restored is when… power to lift… veil will be… mine once… more…"

Naruto didn't know why but as the spirit talked, it looked like the orb was falling to pieces… was it losing strength just by speaking? Nodding, Naruto calmly said "just stay here, I'll get back your sacred treasure. Just tell me what it is please."

"Symbol… of… Konoha…"

Well, that worked for him. Nodding, Naruto tightened his hold on Hinata and ran out of the Spirit Spring area and ran off, hoping to find a trace of the beast that had taken the sacred treasure. Though, all he had to go by was a putrid scent… Ugh… it smelled like rotten meat or something, the scent alone would have knocked out anyone.

Shaking his head, Naruto followed the scent; it was faint at the moment so it was still fresh. Maybe if he was lucky, the monster had the treasure. Smirking, he ran on ahead, following the scent. Hinata yawned as she had rested on his back. He could easily feel her starting to sit up… maybe the running was keeping her awake… Maybe now was a good chance as any to ask Hinata a few things…

"Hey, Hinata… how did you know I wanted to search for my friends?"

"I could sense your emotions in turmoil… Which either results in a form of loss, that… and you mumbled 'mom' and a few random names in your sleep so I knew you were after them before being captured." Hinata said in her quite voice… Well, that did make a little bit of sense; Naruto had been told that when he was upset as he slept he would sleep talk…

Accepting that answer, Naruto calmly asked "okay, how about that attack I did on that creature back at the castle?"

"It was part of the legend…"


"I don't remember much, but the legend said that a blue eyed fox would form in the world of light, and would save the word of Twilight, and the world of Light with the form of a sword wielding human, and a powerful fox with the power of Twilight coursing through his body. And, the most powerful of Twili beings can use that attack in the form of their animal spirit."

Hm… so people from her world could do that as well? It made Naruto think about everything but what also had him puzzled the most, was the way she had reacted to the word 'Twilight King'. "Hinata… do you know anything about the Twilight King Pein?"

"He is not my king… nor is he any king of the Twilight Realm." She hissed softly, only for her to return to the shy and frightened little imp that he knew her to be…

"What makes you say that…?"

"I rather not say… least, not right now…"

Naruto nodded, he guessed that she would tell him when she was ready to do so. But right now, he had to focus on finding the treasure… the symbol of Konoha. That should be easy enough right? Right? Sighing softly, Naruto didn't know if it was as easy as it sounded right now, but what he did know was that his body wanted to be human again, he had to talk to his father… Wait, why couldn't he go back and see him right now? No… right now, he had to bring back the treasure to the spring or have his father freak out at his fox body.

When he was nearing the clearing, Naruto hadn't even noticed just how far he had gone… Frowning, Naruto sniffed the air and almost gaged and puked his guts out. The smell was horrible and almost wanted Naruto to be sick and pass out right here and now. But he didn't have time for that. Right now, he had to save the spring before the spirit disappeared forever. Narrowing his eyes, Naruto let out a growl as he tried to see where the monster would be…

"Where could the thing be?" asked Naruto, hoping that Hinata would be able to sense it while he can't.

"Um… Naruto? I… I think you should look up…"

Naruto almost didn't want to look up, but he knew that he would have too. Gulping, the fox looked up and yelped. Jumping out of the way, Naruto had flipped through the air and his paws landing on the bark of a tree before he pushed himself against the tree and landed on the ground softly. Looking at where he once stood, was a strange and giant black snake with glowing red eyes, curled up horns at the sides of its head and going down its back at the end of its tail, was something that resembled a trident.

The snake curled itself as its head stood up straight and stared at Naruto with its piercing red eyes. As if it was trying to figure out Naruto or even to figure out what he was doing here in the first place. Naruto just narrowed his eyes and growled at the beast before charging at it. "Naruto wait! Think before going into battle please!" shouted Hinata as she held onto Naruto's fur.

"No time to think Hinata, have to kick its ass!" shouted Naruto as he jumped into the air and slashed his claws at the snake's throat and landed across from it… Though, when Naruto got a closer look at the snake, he couldn't believe what he saw… hanging from its tail was a glowing orb hanging from a string. The orb glowed blue with a green symbol in the center… The symbol was that of a leaf with a swirl in the center… that was the symbol of Konoha!

"Give that back you fucking snake!" shouted Naruto as he jumped again and bit at the snake's tail. The snake hissed loudly and wiped its tail around, slamming its tail, along with Naruto into the trees, and the ground. Hinata screamed for all of this to stop, she had trouble hanging onto Naruto's fur.

Hissing, Naruto hung on, biting all the more into the snake's tail trying to make sure that he didn't let go. He had to make sure that he could get a clear shot at the snake. Finally, the snake was pissed to the point where it stopped throwing its tail around and glared at Naruto. Hinata clung onto Naruto and stared at the snake with wide eyes. Naruto groaned, he felt like his ribs were broken from those hits. Opening his eyes, Naruto stared at the snake and blinked as he saw the enemy opened his jaw and threw his head toward Naruto's weakened body.

Naruto on the other hand smirked and let go just in the nick of time, for the snake had bit its own tail.

Hissing in pain, the snake hissed at Naruto and wiped his tail at Naruto… Naruto jumped up in the air, just barley dodging the attack. Landing on the snake's back, Naruto ran along its black skin to reach its forehead… he had to weaken the snake in order to beat it, he was sure of that.

Maybe he could gather energy for that attack as he fought?

Narrowing his eyes, Naruto started to gather energy within his body as he slashed at the snake's body. Though, the snake hissed all the more as its black blood started to spill from its body and thrash about. Naruto saw the tail starting to head toward him; he had to jump off the snake's body. Narrowing his eyes, he jumped, only to howl with pain, the snake had thrown its own head at him and wrapped his jaw around Naruto's body.

The snake smirked and tightened its hold on Naruto's body, and started to inject its venom into Naruto's blood stream. Naruto's eyes went wide, he had to hurry… he had to hurry before it was too late. Suddenly, the snake hissed and released Naruto's body… Naruto had fallen and crash landed on the ground. Groaning, Naruto tried to push himself to his feet, though all he could see was Naruto's blurred out form…

"Naruto I'll distract him! Hurry, and use the Twilight Energy building up within yourself!" shouted Hinata as she shot out strange orbs of yellow and orange energy. Though, he was confused as to how she was doing that but didn't care…

Moaning in pain, Naruto pushed himself to his paws and took a few painful breaths as he tried to calm down the fire that was burning in his veins. The snake was distracted with Hinata, so this would give him enough time to build up his power for the attack. Taking a deep breath, Naruto closed his eyes and started to build up the energy within himself once more.

He could feel it coursing through his veins, trying hard not to feel the pain of the venom coursing through himself. Right now, he didn't have time for this… His body felt so sore… he didn't think he would be able to breathe long enough to complete this attack, but he had to try at least.

"Naruto, hurry please!" shouted Hinata, which had caused Naruto's eyes to snap open. The markings on his face glowing like they did last time, his jaw opened as the orb started to form, it looked bigger than last time. As if there was more power within it. Smirking, the snake charged at Naruto with its jaw opened wide as if he was going to devour Naruto. Naruto just smirked and launched the attack; the orb was swallowed up by the snake.

The beast blinked and squirmed, its body glowing brightly before it swelled from the power before it exploded. Naruto smirked and groaned… His body felt so tired and sore… he didn't think that his body would be able to handle the venom for much longer. Looking up with a tired stare, he saw the glowing orb on the ground and smiled softly. Limping toward it, the only things flowing through his mind was saving the spring… saving the memory of his parents getting married… to his father and his mother and their memories of the spring from when they were young…

He didn't know what more he had to do… it was as if saving everything and everyone had disappeared from his mind from the venom flowing through his blood.

As soon as he had grabbed the orb, Hinata grabbed Naruto's tails for his body started to glow a green light. Naruto had to close his eyes from the source of the light... He didn't know what was going on… all he could feel was something wet on his paws… a strange power flowing through his paws and into his open wounds. Naruto didn't know why, but he felt… stronger… he didn't feel the burning in his body anymore.

In fact, he didn't even smell blood anymore… this had confused him greatly. Opening his eyes slowly, Naruto looked around with tired eyes and saw Hinata floating in front of him… but, there was something different… she was nothing more than a shadow. "Hinata what…?"

"I cannot live in this world. So I must take the form of a shadow. Don't worry, I'll stay with you." Hinata said with a smile, her lavender coloured eyes the only thing that didn't become a shadow as she flew downward into Naruto's shadow. Looking around, he saw that he… was in the Spirit Spring again?

"How did I get here?" Naruto asked himself…

"You were teleported by the Sacred Treasure; it knew you were in danger and brought you to the spring to save you."

Looking up, Naruto saw the glowing form of a frog staring at him. Frowning, he wondered if this was the spirit of the spring's true form. Around its neck, was the Sacred Treasure that he had got from that black snake. Naruto knew that this had to be the true form, why else would it be wearing the symbol of Konoha around its neck?

"What is going to happen to Konoha now?"

"Nothing, I have my power back… and this village will be safe thanks to you. Before, I wasn't aware of the threat for it was a surprise attack from the other realm. But now… I'll be expecting the attack again." Naruto just nodded, that made a little bit of sense now.

"Why am I chosen? I mean… why did I turn into a fox?"

"Because, you are the goddesses chosen hero. You are to fight the evil that try to walk these lands and you are to save the world of Light, and Twilight from the evil king. You must, or this world will fall into darkness for all time…"

He was the chosen hero? Why did this all sound so familiar to him? Like… wait, wasn't this like the story that his father used to tell him as a kid, about a chosen hero? Maybe, it wasn't just a story but a prophecy to help him be prepared for the future danger for the world.

"Behold… your awakened form young warrior…"

Blinking in confusion, Naruto looked down and gasped… he lifted his arms as he stared at himself, wanting to be sure that this was all real. His fingers, covered in black fingerless gloves with the Triforce on the back of his left hand. Looking down at his feet, he could make out black steel toed boots that reached just below his knee… a matching pair of black tights. His shirt was a slightly dark orange tunic that reached mid-thigh with a nice black belt wrapped around his waist.

Looking at the water, Naruto saw a black cap on his head with an orange dragon design giving anyone the illusion that it was trying to eat his head. Looking at his arms, he saw the sleeves of a net shirt… frowning, he wondered if it was a net shirt… Pulling at the collar of his tunic, he looked in his shirt and saw the fabric of the net shirt, along with a white shirt underneath that, guessing that it was to help prevent friction burns… with that he nodded to himself.

Letting go of the collar of the tunic, he saw his favourite necklace, the blue crystal with the small steel coloured beads at both sides of the crystal.

Checking out the sleeves of his tunic, he frowned when he saw the red swirls of his mother's clan on them, when he looked at his reflection once more, he saw the swirl on it as well… That's strange… Looking at his right thigh, he saw a pouch strapped to it and wondered what he could use that pouch for, though didn't think too much of it. Finally, at his waist attached to his belt was a sheath for a sword… the sheath was white as snow with a black dragon design on it…

So… Naruto really was human again… he couldn't help but smile but wondered what was in store for him now…

"Hero, chosen by the Goddesses, you must go to the other springs in Hyrule and restore them to their pure state. And save the realms before it is too late, and stop the darkness that tries to swallow up the world of Light and Twilight. Go now, Naruto Uzumaki…"

"How did you know…?"

"You were born, and named here Naruto… now, go and fulfill your destiny…"

Naruto nodded, he looked up at the sky and knew that this was what he had to do. Taking a deep breath, the young man turned, he saw his sword floating in the water. Smiling, he walked over to it and picked it up, placed it in his sheath and started to leave the spring. Though, he turned around as he said "and, thanks for healing my wounds…" With that, Naruto started to leave, only to hear the spirit whisper two words to the young warrior…

"Your welcome…"
here is chapter five, guess how long this took me to write? Can you guess? I'll wait...






did ya guess? this took me five hours (give or take) all I know is that I started some time in the after noon, and just got finished 4 minutes before 9 XD I hope you enjoy this chapter cause I was in a writing trance so it might not be good, also I made this all up as I went along...

And before anyone asks, if nothing makes sense or if I used the same word twice, I'll only say this... I have a writing and spelling problem, I use Microsoft word to help me with spelling and grammer, I don't have the best vocabulary so I can't pick a lot of words to use so I just go with what I know and what I can spell or even come close to spelling, so don't ask questions about that... anyway, till next time... ugh my fingers hurt...

Story Done By Me :iconfire-inu-princess:

Art Done By :iconsilent-shanin:
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